Our Offered Services

We are great in what we do

Consumers want it now. Can you give it to them?

The latest research from Google says that customers who need something want it now, from their phone, and will not wait. Are you up to speed?

Mobile Apps
You dreamt it, now build it.

Ready to go from a "back of the napkin idea" to app store revolution? Ask us how.

Digital fires? Extinguished.

Network management, server maintenance, and business class support is part and parcel of our business.

Digital Marketing
Digital marketing puts you at the right place at the right time, every time.

Big data is complicated. We take the monster machine apart, test and measure each component, and systematically improve each one until you see results in your sales. Steady, consistent, long-term growth gives our clients peace of mind.

Graphic Design
Bring your ideas to life in a jump-off-the-page, proud to show your customers way.

Our proven, smooth graphic design process will get those ideas out of your head and on to paper or the web. From logos, to branding, to collateral materials like letterhead, business cards, banners, and everything in between.

Does your brand inspire confidence or questions?

Current research shows your brand must be intuitive, easy, and instantly transmit who you are and what value you bring to clients. Have you had your brand market tested?

Our Team

Awesome things don't happen on accident. It takes a huge amount of geek power

Michael Munger
Founder, CEO

Hacking since the age of 5, on an 8080 microcomputer, Michael's our senior archicitect and security guru.

Erica Munger
Chief digital marketing strategist

Erica builds custom marketing strategies tailored your specific business. She leverages the latest marketing platforms and technologies to build a data-driven marketing plan that produces results.

Lesia Artymovych
Vice President of Digital Design

Creator of beautiful things, Lesia combines the art of design, and the science of engineering to create lasting brands and designs.

Serhiy Artymovych
Vice President of Software Development

Serhiy specializes in front-end development and user experience. He hates render blocking Javascript.

Olga Solonenko
Digital Marketing Manager

Olga leads a team of digital marketing specialists who crank every last penny out of SEO, SEM, SMM, PPC, and all the other three letter marketing channels.

Alex Knishevich
Front-End Developer

Alex is our resident Wordpress subject matter expert. He is classically trained in multiple langages including PHP and C, but loves to build websites.

Raman Sharykin
PHP Developer

Raman already has his Master's in Computer Security from Penn State, and is a current Ph.D. candidate. He has specialty research in algorithms for ERP and CRM systems.

Leah Maina
Data Entry

Meticulous, patient, and detail oriented. When it's got to be entered in right, Leah's the right person for the job.

Sasha Tarasyuk
PHP Developer

Sasha writes meticulous, well manicured code for larger projects. She has deep experience with CRM, ERP, and business process driven sites.

Andriy Mudrenko
Tech Ops

Skilled in Windows servers, networking, firewalls, and security, Andriy is the backbone of our operations department.

Max Kudriavtsev
Linux Sysadmin

Formerly of a big ISP, Max has deep skills in email delivery, spam filtration, automation, infrastructure, and databasing.

Mercedes De Guzman
Administrative Assistant

Dedicated and detail oriented, Mercedes gets work done for everyone on the team, and is deeply appreciated by our staff.

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